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Public Speaking Anxiety Information  Healthy Lifestyle News

Public Speaking Anxiety Information

Public speaking anxiety is the fear of speaking in front of people in the public. Many people feel nervous when coming to speak in front of a huge crowd. Public speaking anxiety can be easily overcome by frequent practicing of speaking in front of the audience. It is normal for people to have fear when they are speaking for the first time in public. After several times of speaking in public, you will feel more confidence. Eventually, you will eliminate all the fears that are associated with public speaking. If you feel fear, you should take some deep breaths and calm down. You should never let the fear takes over your mind. If you let fear takes over your mind, you will not have confidence to speak in the public. Instead, you should conquer it with positive thoughts that can increase your public speaking confidence.

Different people will have different symptoms of public speaking fear. Public speaking fear’s symptoms can be divided to three categories including physical symptoms, verbal symptoms, and non verbal symptoms. Examples of physical symptoms for public speaking anxiety are stiffened neck, higher blood pressure, and etc. The first step to overcome the problem is to determine the physical and mental symptoms you experience when giving the speech I public. For some people, their hands will keep on shaking. Their hands will be wet with cold sweat. You may feel your heart beating faster than usual. Your face will also turn red because of shyness. When you are nervous, you will speak fast and become parched quickly. People who have public speaking anxiety tend to forget what they want to speak about. Their mind suddenly goes blank when face with a crowd. All these symptoms are normal for first time speaker. After you have identified the experience of having speech anxiety, you will be able to control the symptoms. Some people become nervous because of the reaction of the audience. If an audience walks out of the room, you should not feel nervous and continue the speech.

To manage your public speaking anxiety, you need to make preparation for the speech. You must list down the fears on a piece of paper. For example, if you are afraid of the audience laughing, you can write it down on a piece of paper. After you have list down the fear, you should figure out the solution to solve them. Practicing to breathe slowly can help you to relax during the speech. Most of the time, you can reduce your fear by breathing slowly. When breathing, your belly must be sucked in and out. In addition, you should avoid clenching your fists. If you clench the fist, you will have more stress. You should also avoid locking your knees together.

To minimize the symptoms, you need to practice speaking regularly. You don’t have to practice speaking in front of a crowd. You can practice speaking in front of the mirror. If you find it difficult to speak without referencing a note, it is recommended that you use visual aids. Examples of visual aids you can use include posters, PowerPoint and etc. By using PowerPoint, you will be able to easily remember the different segments of the speech. When practicing the speech, you can use the PowerPoint presentation. You can close your eyes to imagine the audience is in front when practicing speech. Besides, you can hire an assistant to help you with the presentation. Sometimes, the helper can do harm to you.

To prevent the fear from gripping you, you need to have positive thoughts. You should not think negatively otherwise you won’t be able to give a good speech. You can talk about a topic that you feel comfortable with. Besides knowing your topic, you need to know your audience and the speech. When speaking, you should avoid putting the focus on yourself. You should walk at a slow pace. If you are using a script, you should avoid writing the full sentence. Instead, you should outline your speech to a list of keywords. You must constantly practice your speech. As you become more professional, you will be able to reduce a full note to a list of keywords. Ultimately, you will never need to reply on any note when giving a speech. Before giving the speech, you can exercise. Doing exercise can help you to calm down. You can perform strenuous exercises at the early part of the day. Besides, you can perform isometric exercise to tense and release the muscle groups.

You should arrange an appointment with the doctor if you suffer from public speaking anxiety. You can write down a list of symptoms you are having on the paper. You should write down how long you have been experiencing public speaking anxiety. If you experience stress or a life transition, you can write it down on the paper. If you have been taking medications, you can record them down on the paper as well. Your friend knows a lot about you so you might want to consider taking him with you to the doctor. The person who accompanies you will be able to provide information about your public speaking anxiety problem. If there is any question to ask, you can write them down on the paper as well. In order to be diagnosed with public speaking anxiety, you need to be fearful when giving a speech in he public. In addition, the patient should try to avoid speaking in public. The mental health provider will evaluate your symptoms and determine what kind of treatment you need.

The doctor can prescribe medications to the victim if he feels he needs it. Some of the different types of medications that the doctor can prescribe include serotonin reuptake inhibitor, antidepressant, and anti anxiety medication. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor is a drug used to control the panic disorder associated with public speaking anxiety. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor is approved by the FDA. Some of the different brand names of SSRI drugs include Paxil, Prozac, Sarafem and etc. The tricyclic antidepressant is another type of antidepressant used to control anxiety of public speaking. The anti anxiety medication, also known as benzodiazepines can control the anxiety symptoms. It can be addictive and cause you to depend for it in long term. You should only use the drug for a few weeks. After you can cope with the anxiety, you must stop using it.

The most popular form of treatment is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy aims to educate the victim on the public speaking anxiety. You need to know how to control the fear before you can cope with the symptoms. Example of psychotherapy is the cognitive behavioral therapy. The cognitive behavioral therapy consists of two parts including cognitive part and behavioral part. The behavioral part allows you to discern the unwanted behaviors. This therapy is called exposure therapy. It exposes the behaviors that are no good in the victim during the attack situation. The therapist will talk to you and help you to find solutions to the public speaking fear. After receiving the therapy, you will feel that you are able to cope the fear effectively. You will never feel fearful when speaking in the public.