What Are Some Great Ways To Lose Weight?

What Are Some Great Ways To Lose Weight?

The basic fact with regards to losing weight is that one needs to take in a lot less calories and then one must burn a lot more calories. You also need to know that a lot of diets and fast weight-loss programs are not as effective. You are better off looking for easy and best ways to lose weight which you could do everyday. The following are tips to lose weight in a way that is convenient enough for you to do daily and in the long term.

Once each week, do make sure you indulge in a deliciously tasting high-calorie but low-calorie food. Doing so helps you avoid bingeing and craving for high calorie food items.

You can also consider high-calorie food as the gold at the end of the rainbow. Eat a spoonful of chocolate fudge or ice cream as the crown of your meal. You can also decrease your craving for chips by partnering every bite with fresh, chunky and filling salsa.

Another good way to lose weight is making water your main drink after eating breakfast. You can go and drink orange juice. However, all through the day, do drink water instead of soda or juice. Believe it or not, the average American consumer takes in 245 more calories each day due to softdrinks. In total, a person could drink 90,000 calories every year. Plus, drinks that are rich in sugar does not offer a feeling of fullness the way water does.

If you can, do carry a small notebook which you could take with you anywhere you go. Then, note down each morsel that you eat – including water. According to studies, people who keep food diaries end up consuming 15% less food items compared to those who do not keep a record of their intake.

You can also purchase a pedometer. You can clip it onto your belt and target an additional 1,000 steps per day. On the average, people who lead sedentary lives only take 2,000 to as much as 3,000 steps each day. An additional 2,000 steps per day will help you keep your current weight and even help you stop gaining more weight.

Consuming five to six small snacks or meals per day instead of the regular three full large meals is also a good way to lose weight. According to a 1999 study in South Africa, men who consumed their breakfast in parts at an interval of five hours consumed 30% less calories compared to when they ate a full breakfast. Meanwhile, other studies reveal that if you consume calories this way, the body gets to release less insulin thus keeping your blood sugar steady. It also helps curb hunger pangs.

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